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You have reached our services page that gives a general idea of the types of help we offer parents. We are very aware that everyone has a unique situation and timeline and stress level so please know that we are here to help you and we will respond appropriately and in a timely fashion. We understand that some parents are planning and have no immediate issues and yet another family may have a very high stress and anxiety level due to a deadline, a decision or a situation with a school. We are here to help all of you with all levels and degrees of decision making. Please let us know via your contact email or in conversation how we can help you.  We have helped many families find great solutions to their educational and school related issues. Let us help you by being a thought partner with you. We look forward to it.


Listening and understanding is the first order of business in successful collaborations. School Solutions of Chattanooga is no different. We make sure that each partnership begins with careful listening so that the service can be individually tailored to each family. Every student and family will be served in a customized fashion, tailored for success.

School Options



Schools, schools and more schools - Chattanooga is home to many so there's no time to waste learning about your options. Now let's find those that could work for your family as we search for the perfect fit. SSC may also work to help you discover some options to consider that you were not previously aware of.

strategy / Action Plan

Strategy is a key, included service offered by School Solutions of Chattanooga due to Chattanooga having so many options and so that parents can have a clear plan, approach and goal. Informing parents of options and then crafting a strategy to learn about, explore and apply to schools is part of the special process we use. Depending on the schools you are considering, strategy can be very important.




Parents sometimes begin this phase even before the birth or right after and yet it is often begun years later - anytime is better than never. Planning produces a rewarding feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind and it is a key piece in successful outcomes. 


Most parents are not aware of all their options. Often they have focused on a single goal and as a result, have overlooked other, excellent choices. Options are good to know and consider and this also helps avoid later,

 second-guessing. Know your options.


Advising parents is at the core of services offered at School Solutions Of Chattanooga. Listening, talking and thinking together is how the options are determnied and solutions are found. Thrilled students and parents equal 

Goal One. 

O T H E R  S E R V I C E S  - Admission processes, option surveys & financial Aid / Scholarships information

Meetings with Parents can occur at The Read House Offices


at the location of your choice and for your convenience

such as a local coffee shop or your home

School Solutions of Chattanooga offers downtown meetings at The Read House,  827 Broad Street   Chattanooga  TN   37402

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