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 Parents are busy!


info about Schools and their processes can be a lot to take in ... 

Busy parents who are planning, considering, studying or who are actively participating in preparation for educational decisions have a new resource and partner in School Solutions of Chattanooga. The mission of SSC is to assist parents in the greater Chattanooga area with educational decisions for their children. Many parents choose to have a plan regarding their children and schools and SSC can help with that planning. Many parents desire an objective, knowledgeable, third-party partner who can help to inform them in their decision-making process. Often parents who are about to begin or who have just begun studying either public school requirements or private school admission processes quickly realize the benefits that an educational consultant can provide as they navigate these processes. Each school option has its own learning curve - its own, unique school community as well as policies, programs, staff and facilities for parents to learn about. 

Private schools have their own, unique admissions processes and timelines for families to manage and follow. Public schools also have specific requirements and timelines for families and prospective students. While this navigation of processes and learning of considerable information for comparison can be done, it is a lot for busy parents to handle alone. 

Whether you are considering public, magnet, charter or especially private/independent school options, or if you are unsure about all of it, consider putting the knowledge and experience of School Solutions of Chattanooga to work for you. We can tailor-fit our help to complement your needs and we offer fair rates that are affordable for most income brackets. 

Every family will receive a custom-designed and individualized plan of action.

Contact us today if you would like to talk about your situation and how we can help.

School Solutions of Chattanooga

 can help you 

navigate you​r path through school processes.

this story started in 1993...

In the early 1990's, McCallie School hired Will to become the Director of Day Admissions. Will had previously worked in college admissions, but not secondary school admissions. How did it go you might ask? Well, almost 25 years later in that role he left the strongest run of enrollment success in school history. He again assisted with local recruitment while at Baylor for 3 years. His relationships and experiences in the Chattanooga market have made him the go-to person for local families for many years now. He knows Chattanooga schools and many families have been helped from working with him. 

Let his expertise work for you and help you get it right for your family.

Will Newberry


Will knows schools and application processes so put this knowledge to work for you. 

Let him help you plan for the school waters ahead, or navigate the waters that you are in now. 

Our Happy Customers

Our son was in a public school but we wanted to know what other options we could be considering.

~A Signal Mtn, public school parent

My child comes to CHA from GA for private elementary school and now we want to explore private schools at the next level in Chattanooga.

~A CHA area, Pvt school parent

We attend public schools now but we want to look at all our options - both public & private for our two children in the coming years. we need to know more and plan now.

~A lookout Mtn, public school Parent

Privacy Policy​

SSC welcomes contact families who want the best educational "fit" for their child/ children. 

We promote all types of schools based on the needs and desires of the parents/ student.

Please email us at and let us know how we can serve you.

SSC is locally owned and operated.

SSC supports all laws.

SSC operates to serve and support parents with the educational decisions of their children through the use of knowledge , information and option-awareness to assist parents. 

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